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Some companies think virtual private servers and private cloud servers Vietnam are the same thing, but those terms are not interchangeable. Whilst differences between private clouds and VPS seem trivial, it means all the difference for businesses in the world. Private clouds are predicted to end up being the next area of cloud computing focused […]



Public managed VPS servers Vietnam come in different shapes and sizes, but you see three major approaches. 3 approaches Companies dying to get rid of their DC usually get started on a ‘lift and shift’ approach, where apps are moved from existing servers to equivalent servers in the cloud. Cloud service model consumed here is […]

Vps vietnam



Finding your Vietnam VPS hosting can be difficult. Though it’ll seem simple once you’ve been around awhile, at first it makes you confuse.  Part of the problem is simply that there is a lot of wrong information out there. There are hundreds of hosting companies, and all of them are trying to persuade you that […]




Unlike Vietnamese VPS, with dedicated server you never have to worry about sharing your resources with other users. Is it time to upgrade? It is easy to determine the appropriate time to upgrade a VPS to a dedicated server. Here are the most popular indications that it is time for you to upgrade. Increase in […]




You’ll want to make sure that your VPS for Vietnam provider has a reputation for keeping their servers up and online practically 24/7. FTP Access and SSH Access If you do not know what FTP and SSH are, suffice to say they are the go-between services by which your computer can talk to your servers […]




Co-working spaces for cheap VPS Vietnam are not coffee shops and they are not offices in the sense that you do not pay a monthly cost. Neither is it just hiring space in someone else’s office.  Co-working spaces are the results of the “new economy” and places where business man and those involved in startups […]




“Co-working space” is particularly appropriate for resellers and those starting Vietnam VPS hosting companies. Nowadays, with more and more people joining the “new economy” and either becoming related to self-employed or startups, co-working place is being viewed by many as an ideal solution to avoid the cost of dedicated business facility. According to the Kauffman […]




Choosing operating systems for VPS is necessary. Usually there are two main choices: Linux and VPS window Vietnam. These 2 operating systems have its strengths and weaknesses. However Linux servers are chosen more than Window since the following reasons. High compatibility Linux has high compatibility with many software and open systems. If you create a […]




To make good blog you must be free of the restrictions of a free blogging service. If it’s right, you’ll need VPS Vietnam free. Do research You are new to blogging and you need to see how others are achieving what they achieve. Take a look at the big boys, but also look at the […]




VPS is a method of dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers. There are some of cheap VPS Vietnam services that can be used for long time. Each server is a completely separate system with its own operating system. So user can control the root management and restart system anytime. This protects VPS nearly […]