Co-working space for cheap VPS Vietnam

March 22, 2017

Co-working spaces for cheap VPS Vietnam are not coffee shops and they are not offices in the sense that you do not pay a monthly cost.

Neither is it just hiring space in someone else’s office.  Co-working spaces are the results of the “new economy” and places where business man and those involved in startups thrive.


For a best start, co-working space has everything you need – from fax machines to printers and copiers. You do not own them, just shared them with others who work within the co-working environment.

If you need somewhere private to take your customers, there are the meeting rooms that are available with internet and other teleconference facilities. With “scalability” in mind, you have to pay only for what you use.

Of course, if you need a meeting room you pay more than the cloud VPS Vietnam company that does not – it is just you do not pay to have it at times when you do not need it. This means that co-working space is more effective than traditional office and that means your startup may just survive the first stage of the race you are in.

What will happen if your business falls apart?

If it all falls apart and it becomes clear your vision is not going to be realized, then you are in a much better position with a co-working space than with a rental contract.

Whereas your average center office needs a commitment of at least a year, co-working spaces do not. You can hire for a day, a week or even a month, but seldom do people take their commitment under those time periods.


Can you run a web hosting business from a co-working space?

If you envision becomes a traditional web hosting with your own data center and masses of servers, then probably not. But co-working space can get you benefit when you are in installation mode and before you purchase all your hardware.

But if you are considering the modern approach to web hosting, where companies buy capacity from the cloud VPS for Vietnam providers, then a co-working spaces are going to be ideal.

In a co-working space you are working in an environment with other entrepreneurs – not only can you feed off their energy but also can acquire their business.


For example, what better place for a hosting company than in an office with full of businesses that are starting up and have “set up web presence” on their to-do list?

A co-working space with full of entrepreneurs must have been the best place for a web hosting to at least start doing business until they have the income for that new office and a name on the door liked you have dreamed about at the beginning.