Create the best blog with VPS Vietnam free

February 21, 2017

To make good blog you must be free of the restrictions of a free blogging service. If it’s right, you’ll need VPS Vietnam free.

Do research

You are new to blogging and you need to see how others are achieving what they achieve. Take a look at the big boys, but also look at the interest group blogs. It goes without saying that you should look at blogs that cover the exact area that you will cover (if of course they exist).


Now… write!

If your blog is going to be successful, unless you have found an absolutely unique niche in the market, you are going to be up against some of the most dedicated and disciplined people you would hope to meet writing the same thing. To acquire VPS window Vietnam essentially you rent space on a web host’s server for as little as $2.50 a month and in return you get a fully operational blog.

You are going to have to write something regularly – and if every day can’t be managed then at least every week. The most successful blogs put something out at least TWICE A DAY!

What you write must be valuable to the people who read your blog for them to want to come back – if it’s meant for entertainment, then entertain. If it’s meant for education, then educate. There can be no half measures.

And blogging doesn’t mean just rehashing what’s on other blogs. If you want a genuine readership you are going to have to offer something original – something they can’t find on other blogs. In such a crowded environment, that’s a particularly tough challenge.


Harness the power of social media

90% of the time I don’t turn on the computer and tune in to my favorite blog. Most times I am doing something I need to do on my computer and I receive a notification that my favorite blog has added its latest content to Facebook.

This makes Facebook important to bloggers but Twitter and networks like Instagram are also useful. Social networks are a great way to pick up an audience.

When 100,000 people follow your Facebook page, then things are heading in the right direction. But it’s not just as simple as just adding your latest blog posting to your social network accounts.

For example, when you add something to your Facebook account, it is roughly only seen by 10% of those 100,000 followers – even less than that actually. The advantage of paid Vietnam VPS hosting is if your blog takes off your web host can upgrade your account and give you more resources to manage your visitors.

To really reach your fans, you may have to ‘Boost’ posts and that is going to cost you some money – not too much but enough to put you out of pocket.

You can get plenty of online courses to help you get over the social network hump, some are free while others offered by people like Podium provide courses at cost that lead to certification.

I am Blogger. Banner

Note your users’ comments

Key to successful blogging is people engaging with your content and leaving comments.

Some might be kind, others not. Develop a thick skin and extract as much useful intelligence from every reader’s comments as you can. You visitors will pretty much tell you the direction you should be heading in.