How to check your VPS for Vietnam?

April 5, 2017

You’ll want to make sure that your VPS for Vietnam provider has a reputation for keeping their servers up and online practically 24/7.


FTP Access and SSH Access

If you do not know what FTP and SSH are, suffice to say they are the go-between services by which your computer can talk to your servers directly (and also your website) without going through the public-facing side of the website.

This is going to be very important to either you or someone helping you with your website at some points. For many websites, this access is the only method to fix a major goof on the backend of the website, and not having this access means you will have to wait for the customer service staff of the cheap VPS Vietnam provider to fix it.


You will want to check and make sure that your hosting providers have a reputation for keeping their servers up and online practically all the time. With all the options out there, there is essentially no reason to accept the service with an uptime less than 99%.


Good Reviews

Once you have put your top 3 – 5 choices together, take a little time to research them and find out what other clients are saying about their experience with the enterprise.

The Good News is You Can Change Your Mind

It is not impossible to switch away from a VPS in Vietnam who is not being helpful, but it is not a trivial task for someone new to this end of technology, and it will be better to just not need to.


If it does become necessary, don not stress out. The really good news is that your hosting provider knows this issue, too, and it will give them an incentive to offer service and decent help.