Is it time to upgrade vps vietnam to dedicated server?

December 5, 2016

You are using shared hosting or VPS to save cost in business. Have you wonder if it is time to upgrade VPS Vietnam to dedicated server?

If you are also like other online business owners, you must have started out using a shared hosting or a VPS because of its convenience and effectiveness. However, hosting upgrade becomes necessary for the continued success of the website performance.


The following tests available hosting levels and looks at several factors that you need to upgrade your current hosting and 5 advantages associated with upgrading. You will find our recommendations for the best providers and their dedicated server service offerings.

Firstly, it’s necessary to understand that the purpose of a Vietnam VPS hosting is to storage data of your website and application. In generally, there are 4 main types of web hosting when it comes to business websites. Each of them differs in their storage, server loading speed, reliability, operating system, control panel and others technical specifications you will need to use.


These 4 types of web hosting are:

Dedicated Servers: With a dedicated server, your website needs to have the private web server that improves performance and security as well as allows admin or root to access. Although it is a more expensive storage solution than the two options above, this is considers as an ideal option when your website are expanding and growing.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting refers to a group of servers that are connected together to store one or more websites as you need. The servers operate as a group to manage high total traffic, but they do not provide the root access permission that needs to change server settings and install other software and applications.


VPS ( Vietnam VPS server ): VPS is created by dividing a dedicated server into many virtual servers with virtualization technology. Like shared hosting service, VPS usually ensures there are fewer websites per server than shared hosting.

Shared hosting: When you choose shared hosting, you are accepted to share both a physical server and software applications with other users. Although this is an affordable option that does not need much technical knowledge, there can be a lot of other users are sharing the same server with yours. That means that your website often runs slower and may not handle the excess traffic.