Know how Vietnam VPS is better than shared hosting for WordPress

September 20, 2017

We are comparing here 2 popular hosting platforms for WordPress site and examine every aspect of both: Vietnam VPS and shared hosting.

  1. Shared hosting

Undoubtedly, shared hosting is the most popular hosting solution, especially among- the beginners that have just started building a site. The reason is so obvious – the price and instant set up. Shared hosting is shared environment where a number of tenants or hosting’s customers will be sharing the same resources. In this environment you are not aware about your neighbors and of course about their intensions. You’ll absolutely have no idea as to what sites they are running, whether they are adult sites or a simple e-commerce site. As all of you share the same IP address, if any of them found involved in any illegal or unethical activity, your site may also get suffer.

Unlike Vietnam VPS hosting, in a Shared hosting environments, all the customers share the same resources that include-memory, processor, storage and bandwidth. If any of your co-tenant consuming additional resources, the performance your site will definitely affected adversely.

  1. Other issues related to a shared hosting
  • Cannot reset server: In a Shared hosting environment, you won’t have permission to adjust installations of your server, like – optimum file size to be uploaded. This limitation can cause an issue when you have to upload a large media file.
  • Limited access: Shared hosting doesn’t have root-level access, absence of which you cannot be able to restore from backups, upgrade services or install software.
  • Security: This’s the most serious problem related to the shared hosting. Even after employing all security measures, security of your site may be comprised.
  • It does not run scripts normally: Keeping protection of users in the mind, most shared hosting vendors do not allow customers to run scripts outside their prescribed scripts list.

    VPS vietnam

  1. Virtual private server

The second hosting choice is the VPS. It will be needed when you exhausted the resources under your shared hosting plan or more security and control are the demands. However, in a VPS hosting, you don’t have a dedicated server, but share the resources of a dedicated server with other customers/tenants.

VPS is actually a virtual environment where a physical server is sliced into multiple pieces to create virtual instances, and each of these instances act as a dedicated server. The most prominent difference between the two hosting solutions is that in Vietnam VPS server the hosts don’t put many customers like a Shared hosting.

  1. Other advantages of putting your WordPress site in a VPS environment
  • Can fix limit of maximum and minimum upload size
  • Better security than a Shared hosting
  • Freedom to tweak security settings as per the requirement
  • Free to create customized WordPress hosting environment
  • Can run desired custom scripts on any 3rd-party scripts
  • It offers full administrative control that enables you to manage the entire hosting environment
  • Better solution for those customers who want some features of dedicated hosting, but their budget is moderate


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