Make money with reseller vps for vietnam

December 13, 2016

Reseller VPS for Vietnam is created with a different purpose unlike shared hosting or dedicated server.

Understanding what reseller hosting is can help you figure out which type of hosting is best for you. A reseller of hosting is far different than just somebody trying to create their own website or blog.


  1. Most common ways to use reseller hosting to compliment your business

Owning a reseller hosting account gives you many options for turning a profit. Some of the most common ways businesses utilize reseller hosting packages include:

  • As a compliment to another service, such as web design
  • As an ongoing revenue stream for website flipper and developers
  • As a way to start a Vietnam VPS server company with lower overhead


Many web designers and developers will include a certain amount of hosting free of charge in their packages. Once the free hosting expires, customers have the option to continue for a monthly fee or move the website to a new hosting account. Most will choose to continue for a monthly fee, if the hosting is good.

  1. How much can you make with reseller hosting?

The amount of money you can make as a reseller of hosting is endless. Some have made six figure incomes and others just use it as a way to increase their bottom line.


Many web designers and developers make larger sums of cash from the design and ale of websites, but use reseller of Vietnam VPS hosting to build an ongoing income. Using this example, if a web designer brought in two new customers per month and they all used the web designer’s hosting, they would have 24 new customers paying for hosting every month after one year.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the income you can make from reseller hosting. If you provide a service that could benefit from a reseller hosting package or you want to start your own hosting company, this type of hosting is for you.