Some of cheap vps vietnam providers

February 14, 2017

VPS is a method of dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers. There are some of cheap VPS Vietnam services that can be used for long time.


Each server is a completely separate system with its own operating system. So user can control the root management and restart system anytime. This protects VPS nearly 100% from local hacked attack. In case one VPS account is attacked, the others are not affected. This is impossible if you use shared hosting services. VPS is a suitable solution for medium enterprises which possess a multiple website system with heavy source code. However, VPS requires user’s management such as server configuration, system security…

Most of the cheap VPS providers possess good hardware, but they will not take administrative tasks and solve problems related to your VPS. They are only responsible for maintaining your website uptime.

DigitalOcean (Cloud VPS)

  • Number of datacenter: 5 (2 in US, 1 in Singapore, 1 in Netherlands and 1 in Britain)
  • Managed services: No
  • Reinstall the operating system: Yes
  • Refund: No

Vietnam VPS hosting of DigitalOcean has a low cost, only $5 / month for 512MB of RAM. It also supports Singapore server.

You have to pay for Cloud VPS service for what you get. VPS system will charge you every day providing that you have money enough in your account. When stop using, just “destroy” it. Main payment method is by credit card.

However, DigitalOcean usually maintain system so that sometimes you cannot access to your VPS.


Linode (Cloud VPS)

  • Number of datacenter: 6 (4 in US, 1 in Britain and 1 in Japan).
  • Reinstall the operating system: Yes
  • Refund: No

Linode is quite suitable choice for VPS beginners because of its easy registration and good quality. Linode server is located in Japan so it has high access speed in Vietnam. Linode offers more CPU at average service than DigitalOcean, with the same price. Linode Cloud VPS in Vietnam also provide Load Balancing technology in order to easily deploy streaming download system without much setting.


VPS A2Hosting

  • Number of datacenter: 2 (1 Europe, 1 American)
  • Managed Services: Managed VPS
  • Reinstall the operating system: Yes
  • Refund: Yes

A2Hosting was so familiar to many Vietnam users. It is a hosting service provider that offer great speed and optimize WordPress website. Besides, their Vietnam VPS hosting services are also appreciated because you can customize technical parameters with affordable price.