Using vps vietnam free in 60 days with vultr

November 28, 2016

Vultr is a leader of VPS Vietnam free with 15 years of experience. It often releases lots of promotions for new user with big discount.

With more than 14 data centers located in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan, Vultr has advantage of cheap price and high load speed. The lowest service is US $ 5 / month (20% discount with promotion)

Sometimes users got timeout situation with 1GB package. But others do not. However most customers got good experience so if you can try it as testing. There are some complaints of Vultr customer support service but it is still one of the biggest VPS providers all over the world.


Vultr has launched an interesting promotion that allows user experience Vultr Vietnamese VPS Hosting service for free. You can get up to US $ 52 for 60 days of using VPS.

Usually you will receive up to US $ 22 for free with the present programs. However, the total has been increased to US $ 52 in 60 days for a new registration.

You have to observe these steps to receive US $ 50:

  • Access to Vultr homepage to find promotion.
  • Click “Sign Up button and get $ 50 for free!”
  • Enter Email and Password to create a new account
  • Immediately you are transferred to the Billing page, let enter the information of Visa / MasterCard to continue.

After getting US $ 50 you have to place an order Vultr VPS service. You are allowed to use it within 60 days. After this time, the free cost will be erased and you have to delete VPS or pay more to continue using the service.


In the process of registry VPS in Vietnam, your bank account will be charged US $ 2.5 to confirm credit card information. It will be automatically refunded after a few weeks.

If you get the message “This card is not eligible for free credit promotions” that means your bank credit card is not accepted, you have to change the others.

Process of deploying VPS can take several minutes to complete. You can observer this process by clicking on “View Console” in VPS management site. You should notice that do not register multiple accounts to avoid being blocked.

If there are errors “Unable to process your payment: This transaction was denied by the credit card issuer”, you have to check your credit card.