Way to cut down cost of energy in vietnamese vps companies

December 26, 2016

From time to time, Vietnamese VPS companies look for areas where they can cut costs of energy down.

Management would normally cut cost on staff, capital expenses or daily operational cost. However, the most popular way is to reduce day to day cost in working place.


Firstly, you should orienting your staff on the simplest energy saving actions like shutting down computers after the end of each shift, turning off the lights when nobody inside or unplugging phone/ computer chargers and other machines after use. These actions, no matter how little, can help you save your monthly electric cost. You can also install motion sensors that allow the lights to automatically switch off if no movement is detected in the room. The lights are not being used will not be turned on for long time.

Secondly, let review your energy consumption. There are many energy VPS for Vietnam enterprises that have on peak rates and off peak as well as different rates for when they exceed certain consumption. While you cannot cut off everything in peak hours, you can certainly reduce excess consumption of energy.


Maybe you do not know how much paper is used by an enterprise every day. Paper is not the only thing wasted, although. Ink and energy are also wasted, of course. Keeping the printer operating continuously the whole day can cost you much. If you can change your business into paperless, that will not only save you a lot of money but also save the environment. You can use the email as the main way of sending out memos instead of the paper memo. When you need to have a contract signed, let use Docusign software or other similar programs that confirm digital signatures rather than printing documents. You can also reduce the use of sticky notes and notepads by replacing them with software that is installed on your computer for quick notes.

Finally, if your Vietnam VPS hosting company has strong financial capability, you should consider installing solar panels. Installing the solar panels may be a little bit expensive. However, there are many current programs that allow you to install solar panels without much cash. You are likely to get tax breaks by installing solar panels. In the long term, if your office devices or your entire activities will run only on solar power, you will save much cost. You can try sample online software to measure how much cost you can save with solar panels.


Basically, there are a lot of methods to reduce the costs of business operation. You must need to know where to look and how to start. After all, why we have to keep paying more for energy while there are many ways to save?