Which is better: Linux or VPS Window Vietnam?

February 28, 2017

Choosing operating systems for VPS is necessary. Usually there are two main choices: Linux and VPS window Vietnam.

These 2 operating systems have its strengths and weaknesses. However Linux servers are chosen more than Window since the following reasons.


  1. High compatibility

Linux has high compatibility with many software and open systems. If you create a website with Window then put it on a Linux server, this is absolutely okay. High quality compatibility make Linux become the most popular operating system for VPS in Vietnam.

  1. Additional benefits

Linux community is very large, so it’s easy for you to update knowledge. Besides, Linux server will allow you manage to multi-task and use the entire hard drive as well as get a lot of other benefits from an open operating system.

  1. Flexibility

Linux creates a flexible environment for installing many applications. You can use the PC as the application server with embedded systems. Besides that, you can easily save the data of drive and install any things you want. For example, you can set up a few office applications instead of all.


  1. Easy to install

Installing Linux server is quick and easy. It is said that Linux is one of the best operating system with the user. Besides that, Linux was created to provide network functions effectively. Linux is necessary whenever you need to store data online.

  1. Stable operation and high performance

Choosing Linux or Window for Vietnam VPS server needs to depend on the performance. Actually, Linux server will bring higher performance and ensure uptime for your website. Linux server operation is stable. Disconnect or leaking memory is rarely happened.

Many people prefer to use Linux servers while others like to use Windows. Both 2 types of servers bring different advantages to the user. In addition to the operating system, you also need to consider other factors such as hardware, software to find appropriate services. Linux is known as an operating system with absolutely free open source. That’s why there are many hosting providers encourage users to use Linux to reduce costs.