Why new Vietnam VPS hosting should work from home

March 10, 2017

“Co-working space” is particularly appropriate for resellers and those starting Vietnam VPS hosting companies.

Nowadays, with more and more people joining the “new economy” and either becoming related to self-employed or startups, co-working place is being viewed by many as an ideal solution to avoid the cost of dedicated business facility.


According to the Kauffman Foundation last year (2015) – an organization about fostering economic independence by entrepreneurship and advancing education – there are 32 of the 50 U.S. states and 18 of the nation’s top 40 metropolitan areas also see the increases in new venture challenge.

  1. What is the appeal of starting your own cloud VPS Vietnam company?

When someone envisages setting up a startup, they will focus on the result rather than the process. For many people, the idea of becoming ‘CEO’ on the door and getting paid for fulfilling your vision (not someone else’s vision) is extremely attractive.

  1. What stops people getting into startups or self-employment?

We all know this is an era of cheap money, but unless you have a friendly bank manager or been successful at crowdsourcing or have won the lottery, money is always a hurdle, and more and more businesses are starting out with little or even no funding.


Despite how much money you have access to, spending it is going to be very easy, and, as you will not be paying much to yourself or your partners, by far your biggest cost is going to be business premises.

In 2015, an office in New York with 200 square feet costs around $14,800 per year and in San Francisco, it costs $13,000. That’s a cost you really need a good income to afford.

  1. Why do you need an office for VPS in Vietnam when you can work from home?

When startup costing hits home, the idea is to work with as few costs as possible, and that means eliminating the cost of facility, and working from a team member’s home.


Unless you are single, when you make such a decision, you are also imposing that decision on family and others. The living room is no longer a place for relaxation but a place for working and making phone calls or having meetings. Where do your family members or loved ones fit in around this? Of course it can work out, but unless you are a one-man operation, working at home might not quite be the natural fit you thought it would be.