Why we should upgrade Vietnamsese VPS to dedicated server?

April 11, 2017

Unlike Vietnamese VPS, with dedicated server you never have to worry about sharing your resources with other users.


  1. Is it time to upgrade?

It is easy to determine the appropriate time to upgrade a VPS to a dedicated server. Here are the most popular indications that it is time for you to upgrade.

Increase in traffic: If you get regularly 100 or more visitors per day, it is often recommended that you should consider upgrading. A dedicated server is capable of handling thousands of visitors each day.

Website’s poor performance: This includes slow loading and downtime situation when visitors access your website.

Multiple websites: If you have more than one website, a shared hosting or Vietnam VPS hosting is not able to handle the big traffic they all receive get together.

Plan an expansion: If you are going to expand your website and applying more intensive applications/ software as well as store the downloadable data, it is exactly time to upgrade. Your website performance can be change without upgrading hosting.


  1. The advantages of upgrading to a dedicated server

There are many advantages related to upgrading VPS/ shared hosting to a dedicate server, so we will discuss this issue below.

Your website will not only be more reliable but also experience better improvement in performance. When you choose dedicated server, you never worry about sharing your resources with others.

You can expect a result that your servers always uptime and your website system will be always available. You also have completely controlled and distribute server/ hosting resources.

You will be capable of using intensive applications and software. It is up to you to decide what programs, software, applications and scripts are installed into the server.


Unlike VPS for Vietnam, with dedicated server you will be able to customize server’s configuration and setting. As the only website on the server, you can choose programs and software as well as configure disk space, CPU, and RAM yourself. Besides that, you will see that it is easier to get additional resources when your websites expand and grow in future.

Moreover, your website system will be safer. Upgrading a VPS to a dedicated server ensures that you are not sharing server resources with the possible hackers or spammers. It is also known for providing one of the highest security levels that are against malwares. This is especially important for you to handle with sensitive information and activities.