5 factors SMEs should remember while choosing a Vietnam VPS

September 19, 2017

Vietnam VPS (virtual private server) is based on virtualization technology wherein a physical server is sliced into multi-virtual servers.

Webs hosted on these virtual servers are like hosted on their own dedicated servers, but in fact they share a single server with a number of other users. The best part of a VPS is that it offers customers some of the great features of a dedicated server without spending huge amount for a dedicated server.

With an array of benefits, mostly suitable for small and me dium-sized enterprises (SMEs), VPS is booming with a significant rate and so is the number of VPS vendors. In this market scenario, where each hosting vendor claiming to be the best service vendor, choosing the best Cloud VPS Vietnam vendor is bit confusing that requires an insight into the VPS.

VPS vietnam

The followings are 5 salient factors that should be pondered whilst entering into a Vietnam VPS server contract:

  • Scalability and Redundancy: If your web outgrows over the time, you would need your host to accommodate the surging needs of your web. Also, you must check the redundancy of the data center. What is their power backup plan? How they handle the situation when there is a sudden failure in regular power supply? A good data center should have generators and UPS for uninterrupted power supply. Furthermore, if one server gets overloaded, there should be an arrangement of standby server, or if the services of ISP are disrupted, there must be an alternative to it.
  • Operating system: Check with the service vendor whether they provide both the options of operating system. Windows and Linux hosting are different environment, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of OS should be made entirely on the platform your app is based on. For example – If your web is based on ASP.net or ASP, Windows environment would work better.
  • Specifications & Configurations: Specifications and configurations of server are, perhaps, the most vital factors responsible for good performance of any web. Server configurations which include RAM, Processor and Storage play a pivotal role in overall performance of a web. Besides, hardware and other networking equipment must be evaluated to ensure that they are from reputed brand.
  • Cloud or Traditional: Cloud computing is the latest technology that offer multiple benefits compared to a traditional VPS Vietnam  hosting. Cloud-based VPS does not have limit as it offers you to add another server into cluster and additional storage into the centralized storage system.
  • Managed or Unmanaged: This is yet another important decision whether to choose Unmanaged or Managed service. Monitoring, managing and maintenance of server require expertise in the field. Keep in mind that only a seasoned geek can perform the above tasks efficiently. Therefore, if you think you can configure and manage your server that includes – software update, repairing & shutting down the server, rebooting, perform patch-up, and forth, then you should not spend money in buying managed plan.