Common types of Vietnam VPS configuration

November 13, 2017

Before we explain the benefits of a Vietnam VPS Hosting over these options, it is first worth considering how VPS are setup.

  1. Single Server VPS

With this type of VPS a single physical server is split into several virtual servers using a virtualization technology. The advantage of this approach is that it’s low cost to the hosting vendor as only one server is required to start providing VPS and only one license is required. These savings can be passed on to the customer so that the customer has a low cost VPS option.

The downside of this approach is that everything is stored on one server so there is the need to build redundancy into the server with double CPU’s, power supplies and hard drives configured in a RAID. This will push the cost of the service up.

This approach does not provide any high availability either as the server represents a single point of failure. What this means is that should the VPS Vietnam server experience a catastrophic issue which brings it down for any period of time then all customers on the server are affected.

Also this type of configuration is not suitable for live upgrades. For instance, if more RAM is required this will require downtime to power down the server and add the additional RAM.

Vps vietnam

  1. Multiple VPS

A multiple VPS configuration avoids the single point of failure issues of a single server VPS by pooling together the resources of several servers. The processing and data storage capacity of all of the servers in the cloud configuration provides a truly scalable and resilient infrastructure.

This type of VPS configuration is more complicated to install than the single server VPS option, but it provides both the hosting vendor and their customers some significant advantages: high availability of data – data is stored on several separate servers, high uptime – no single point of failure, no downtime upgrades, live migrations, different disk types can be provided, instant provisioning.

What is really important to understand is that the cloud VPS Vietnam pools together the resources of numerous servers and can be scaled to dozens or hundreds of servers.

This means that data is spread across the cloud and processing power is shared. It’s a very elegant and resilient solution. Because data is stored across several physical servers, the possibility of downtime or data loss is dramatically reduced. In case 1 server absolutely fails the rest of the cloud continues working and the data is secure. Once the failed server is fixed it’s brought back online and back into the server. The customer will never notice any interruption in their service.