Essential ways to secure Vietnam VPS

October 3, 2017

A Vietnam VPS demands your full attention for protecting it in order to explore its amazing advantages.

Security can be added by disabling root logins in SSH settings. Server’s security is most commonly compromised because of weak passwords. Therefore, these need to be changed from continuously.  It’s observed that FTP is one of the most common weak links because it isn’t safe. Instead of that, you can use SFTP or any other safe way to transfer files. You can protect your mission-critical data or can also secure your password by using an encrypted SSH login.

We all know that backups are extremely necessary to ensure that no data is lost because of any unplanned event. The remote and frequently automated backups are significant for assured recovery of data in such situations. Since you’re entirely responsible for the flawless functioning of your VPS, you need to implement all critical tasks which need to keep it updated unless the provider has promised to perform security updates on user’s behalf.

  1. Importance of Passwords

Password security may be the most important and easy parameter of protecting your VPS Vietnam server. This should be applicable to your administrator and root users. According to a general understanding, a strong password consists of the digits, variety of letters, punctuation marks and so forth. In addition to the strength of password characters, you should not miss the required length of password du to assured security.

It’s possible to crack passwords with short length including passwords that contain ten or less numb of characters. You need to have the password with more than ten characters if you need to enhance the security of passwords.

Vietnam VPS

  1. Adding new users

You’ll be required to add the new users to your system for its management unless you’re the only user of the system in which case your name itself can be a good username. Convention for usernames that is used in other places is a good alternative in the case of a user group.

The remote desktop group can be accorded administrator access if you’re using Windows operating system and in the case of Linux VPS, your users in a group can be added to sub-doers. Once you’ve accomplished the task of adding users to the system, you can log out and check if everything is properly working by logging again.

  1. Restriction of remote access

It’s vital to configure firewall rules so as to restrict remote access to your VPS Vietnam  hosting. People found that remote access is often allowed to trust IPs of users and remote services including SSH and RDP. As regards others, you can block the access. If you need to maintain accessibility remotely or from home, then the same can be established by knowing IPs of the devices. Remote access is also needed to be kept open for tech support teams by knowing their IPs. It’s a better to limit the number of attempts by defining the numbers as well as the time limitation


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