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December 20, 2017

A reliable and affordable Vietnam VPS can help your business more than share hosting or dedicated server in some cases.

According to the definition of VPS it is a method of designing reliable and secure server by dividing dedicated server into multiple servers called virtual server while each having the appearance and capabilities and features like of running dedicated server at so affordable prices. Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted. Both the platforms of VPS i.e. Windows VPS is the best web hosting solution for those who require the performance and security of a dedicated server at small prices. It is a combination of the best of two. With VPS hosting, you can get managed operating system updates, security patches and shared hosting.

The right Vietnam VPS server can be affordable and they offer complete administrative control and flexibility in hosting any website or online application and become the most preferred hosting solution used by most of the small as well as large online organizations today. A VPS is highly reliable and offers you greater levels of control to manage your hosting resources in any circumstances. More importantly, it is a very secure hosting solution in terms of your data security and privacy.

Vietnam VPS

Virtualization is one the most useful feature of VPS platform where Hyper-v VPS virtualization technology from Microsoft offers complete hardware virtualization and isolation of every instances of VPS on the physical server. Thus VPS is assigned to a unique user that has its own memory, separate disk space and even an individual IP to host any web application. With VPS, the users can access their virtual system through a remote desktop web connection which gives them the experience of complete operating system isolation. At VinaHost, we offer the professional SSD Cloud VPS Vietnam hosting that offer outstanding features for sites in need of high stability, speed retrieve branches, resource use of services:

  • KVM virtualization technology.
  • Free Direct Admin
  • Database and source code are hosted entirely on SSDs along with RAID 10 technology.
  • Free weekly backup and saved 3 backup storages in the nearest 3 weeks.
  • Unlimited traffic data transfer.
  • Convenient user interface, multiple features and full information about resources with used VPS.
  • The server is located in Vietnam with high-speed transmission lines, powerful hardware.
  • 24/7 technical support via phone, Ticket and LiveChat.

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