How to optimize performance of vps window vietnam

October 19, 2016

Most general applications can work well with VPS Window Vietnam. VPS is often limited memory storage so how to optimize its performance?

  1. Eliminate the unnecessary service

When you install Windows, you can find that it can set up automatically some support service that you can turn it off safely. Some following service you can turn off:

  • – Application Experience Lookup Service: Used to detect the compatibility of the applications (only for Microsoft products). You can turn it off after installing all applications.
  • – Error Reporting Service: send error message feedback to Microsoft
  • – FTP Publishing Service: FTP service comes with Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • – Indexing Service: search fast file fast (only works with Explorer and a few applications)
  • – IPSEC Services: You can still use the Windows Firewall whether this service is disabled
  • – Computer Browser
  • – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP): send email from ASP Website
  • – Windows Audio
  • – Performance Logs and Alerts
  • – Printer Spooler
  • – Wireless Zero Configuration


  1. Database server for VPS

It is not always necessary to use the Database Server for Vietnam VPS hosting. If you develop your website by yourself, you will have a lot of options to choose: SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL, XML (some website programmed by ASP.NET just need only XML file).

Database Server is created to make convenience in storage. This depends on CPU processing speed and memory storage. So what should we do if VPS is restricted 2 technical specifications?

  • Install Database Server to VPS
  • Pros: Easy usage, high security and cost savings
  • Cons: The load speed depends on your VPS. Speed of database server also depends on the reading / recording of hard disk’s speed (VPS has the virtual hard disk so it is not as fast as physical disk)
  • Rent Shared Hosting with Database

This service is quite expensive because of the cost of copyright and investments for Server / Backup. However you can resolve this problem by using a cheap shared hosting service.

  • Pros: Low cost, good effect
  • Cons: The load speed depends on other server
  • Hire add VPS to run the Database Server


It sounds like crazy, but many people use this way.

  • Use MySQL

Free MySQL does not require much system resources. However, if you not configure appropriate you cannot optimize your VPS in Vietnam.

  • Use Microsoft SQL Server

The free and the latest version should be chosen. The latest version has the advantage of better security and performance – of course this requires larger hard disk storage. You can access to SQL Server homepage to install the latest version:

To administer SQL Server, you can install the latest version of Management Studio to take advantages of additional administration features.