How to optimize your Vietnam VPS performance?

September 25, 2017

Vietnam VPS is a great technology for growing businesses, offering many features of a server but at a cheap price and with easy management.

However, to get the most out of your VPS it’s always good to look at ways to optimize its performance. Too frequently, the default settings for many apps, such as Apache, are not ideal for the level of performance you need. In addition, there’re measures you can take to decrease load and improve website response times; these methods include analyzing performance metrics, caching and utilizing a CDN.  To help you get the most from your VPS, we have listed the tips to improve its performance.

  1. Keep MySQL version up to date

Keeping your version of MySQL up to date is essential for ensuring your Vietnam VPS server maintains peak performance and remains secure. Version 5.1 and below are now out of date and are no longer supported. For best performance versions 5.5 or 5.6 are recommended, with 5.6 being the most superior version with regard to both write and read only workloads and response times.

  1. Consider using a CDN – content delivery network

It takes time for data to travel across the internet and the further away a user is from your server, the longer it takes to carry out a request. A CDN is a paid for service which stores your static content on various servers at different geographical locations all over the world, so that when someone requests data, the static data is sent from the nearest location. As a result, content is delivered more quickly and the webs load faster. Besides, your server can perform its other services better by freeing up the amount of work your server needs to do.

VPS Vietnam

  1. Cache content

Caching is common way to improve the performance of your cloud VPS Vietnam. Constantly requesting static files can be a resource-heavy and slow process. However, by caching to RAM, you can speed up processes and decrease the latency through the temporary storage of frequently-used data.

  1. Optimize Apache configuration

You should start your VPS optimization by considering your Apache configuration. Bad configuration will lead Apache to unnecessarily use up most of your server’s resources and this will also impact on all other processes you need your server to undertake. This’s especially so with a VPS.


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