Is a Windows or Linux Vietnam VPS suited your need?

October 19, 2017

Considering all the points mentioned below, you may be in a better position to understand various pros and cons of these Vietnam VPS options.

  1. Windows VPS

If you’re using a Windows OS for VPS hosting, then you are backed by sound experience of Microsoft in the realm of operating platforms for hosting. This’s due to the fact that Microsoft has been pumping in large amounts of funds for development and maintenance of Windows OSs over some years.

Windows provides consistency of icons, tabs and terms, whilst designing interfaces to improve the user experience and simplify server management. From the administration point of view, Windows OS offers greater flexibility of offering tailored options to suit varied business demands. The users can access a plethora of updates, functionalities, and customizable installations to design purpose oriented sites.

Users of Windows VPS in Vietnam are assured of a reliable customer service and fast updates for queries related to the software.

For those who are going to run sites built by using ASP or ASP.NET framework it would be prudent to go for Windows OS for enhanced and optimum performance. Windows OS also offers a better access to Remote Desktop functionality for ease of server operations from anywhere.

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  1. Linux VPS

Linux is open source OS based on UNIX. It is used for hosting web servers including shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. The most important attribute of Linux OS is the LAMP stack which underlines the blend of software and server related technologies which are open source. This makes Linux hosting become one of the most optimized choices in terms of cost saving.

The server side programming language used by Linux OS is PHP. It’s regarded for producing webpages which are highly responsive. Python is another commonly used programming language for Linux, using common words instead of symbols.

Linux Vietnam VPS hosting is a better choice in terms of choice of control panels. Though Plesk control panel is suitable for both Linux and Windows OS, only Linux supports the most cPanel. This attribute of Linux is the most important differentiating factors which encourage the users to go for Linux VPS instead of Windows VPS.

In terms of security Linux shows no mercy to bugs and similar problems because of its open source profile. On the other hand, the users of Windows OS are supposed to deploy a large array of security scripts for dealing with SQL attacks and so forth.


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