Protect your Vietnam VPS from cyber attacks

December 13, 2017

Besides the popular usage of VPS VietNam , it also receives a lot of positive publicity when it comes to cyber security.

However, VPS plans require clients to possess advanced technical knowledge to take advantage of the security features. In some cases, VPS clients do not have the technical knowledge to configure their allotment of the virtual server for optimal online security. The result is the same lack of online security which plagues clients deciding to save money and selecting shared hosting plans. For the typical web owner, a VPS does not represent a practical hosting option, unless a qualified system administrator configures the security setting to prevent cyber-attacks.

Unfortunately, improperly configured VPS websites create more damage than the damage created by poorly configured shared hosting websites. This is as with a shared hosting plan, you at least receive the most fundamental site security protections. When configured properly, Cloud VPS Vietnam hosting hosted sites offer clients a secure environment that prevents cyber-attacks committed by hackers.

VPS Vietnam

Whether you choose a shared hosting or VPS, you have several things you can do to tighten up the security ship. Outsourcing the security of your site to a 3rd party provider does not mean you relinquish responsibility for securing important data. Here are some tips to keep your site secure:

  • All personal information transferred from your site into cyberspace must encrypt by using a SSL certificate
  • Perform regularly scheduled scans that detect malware within your computer hard drive or in the coding of your site
  • Verify your site follows all of the coding principles that create a secure online environment
  • Back up all of the information generated by your site at the end of each day
  • Make sure the shared hosting or VPS Vietnam server implements strategies for maintaining up to date security software. Sometimes, this means a VPS or shared hosting provider only has to patch up security software integrated within its hosting platform

Above all, recruit a site security professional to analyze and test your site. Whether you choose a shared hosting or VPS plan, you need to identify security risks before cyber criminals exploit you for financial gain. The question to the answer “Is VPS hosting or shared hosting is more secure?” boils down to the level of your involvement in securing your site.