The Vietnam VPS storage options for the iPad (part 2)

September 26, 2017

It is said that Vietnam VPS storage is an ideal options for iPad. In this post we list some good cloud storage providers. Check it out!

  1. iCloud Drive

Apple’s iCloud Drive is already a part of the fabric of the iPad. iCloud Drive is the place where iPad can save backups and is used for iCloud Photo Library. But is it worth for you to expand past the 5 GB of free storage offered to each iPad user?

As expected, iCloud Drive is a good all-purpose storage option for most iPad applications which have cloud capabilities. It’s written into the DNA of iPad, so it should be a good all-around choice. But it shines the best in an iOS-centric world, and for those who share the workload between desktop, tablet and mobile, iCloud Drive tends to be the most limiting. It simply does not have the same document editing, in-document searching and other extras offered by the competition.

One area where it rules the roost is refresh speed. iCloud Drive is a Vietnam VPS server storage which is lightning quick to get the file you just popped into your iCloud Drive folder on your computer to show up on your iPad.

In spite of faults for folks in the non-iOS world, many people want to bump up to the $.99 a month 50 GB plan simply for device backups and iCloud Photo Library. If your entire family uses iOS devices, it is easy to use more storage for backups than is freely available. And while iCloud Photo Library has its faults, it’s the easiest method to keep cloud backups of your photos if you use the iPad or iPhone.

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  1. Dropbox

Sometimes a tie-in to a platform is a main bonus. For instance, iCloud Drive works great with Apple’s iWork suite. And sometimes, not having a tie-in to main platform is a main asset that is the case with Dropbox.

Whilst cloud storage will come down to your particular demands, the main advantage of Dropbox is how well it works with all platforms.

Dropbox is one of the few cloud VPS Vietnam storage solutions that allows you to boot into Adobe Acrobat to edit PDF files on your iPad and for light editing like adding text or a signature, you don’t need to load Acrobat. Dropbox comes with a document scanner, though if you have main requirement in the scanning department it is better to go with a dedicated application.

Dropbox falls on the more expensive side, giving only 2 GB of free space and charging $99 a year for 1 TB of storage, but it is worth it if you need the flexibility to work with any platform. Dropbox also supports saving files offsite, sharing them across the website and has robust search capabilities. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of editing text documents, but due to few other cloud storage services offer this in their iPad application, it’s easily overlooked.


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