Vietnam VPS or shared hosting is better for WordPress?

October 19, 2017

You will find that there are quite a few benefits which VPS Vietnam offers for WordPress sites in comparison to shared hosting.

This article explains why most serious bloggers and online businesses are making a beeline for VPS packages.

  1. Security

As far as security goes, you’ll not want your site to face security risks; in shared web hosting, the opportunities of there being hacking attempts are high as there’re security loopholes and the lack of security in any site can cause risks for the neighbors. In VPS, the vendor will implement robust security measures to make sure there are no breaches.

  1. Flexibility

When running a site, you need a high degree of flexibility to be able to set up apps as well as software that can meet your needs. Vietnam VPS server will allow you to enjoy complete root access to the server. This means that you can set up scripting languages of your choice, something that’s definitely not possible when you buy shared web hosting.

Vps vietnam

  1. Rapid

When your site can load faster, your users will have a better experience navigating on your site and it will also contribute to higher rankings in search engines. When you opt for shared web hosting, there’re multi-users sharing the server bandwidth, this can result in slow web loading. These performance issues can make your visitors disgruntled and they may even navigate to another site, leading to loss of revenues for your site.

  1. Separate

VPS are more like dedicated servers because you can enjoy nearly all features and benefits of dedicated server minus the high costs. VPS is virtual private hosting as there is no real hardware, it will share the resources belonging to a physical server. That means all the sites using Vietnam VPS hosting will be able to enjoy resources without having to share these with their neighbors. However, in shared web hosting, your site is sharing resources with other sites residing on the same physical server like resources and a common IP address. Therefore, it’s very obviously that your site can have disruption in services as of technic problems in the other sites. This’s one main benefit that VPS offers over shared web hosting to its users. Prices between 2 options are not very different to consider using shared web hosting for your WordPress site.

These above factors are some of the main benefits you can get when opting for VPS for your WordPress site and this’s why you should consider this hosting rather than shared web hosting.

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