Vietnam VPS – You may do not know this

October 31, 2017

There are a few options in the market when it comes to hosting. Shared hosting, Vietnam VPS, dedicated servers and all have their USPs.

Hence a client is spoilt for choices while choosing the best fitment for their business, mainly perplexed with the blurry line between two general types: share hosting and VPS. Actually, VPS is quite a better choice for the majority of businesses. It offers copious power as compared to shared hosting at a much lesser price. Though VPS is a little confusing concept to imbibe than dedicated servers – as it’s simple to identify with the dedicated servers – it’s a perfect mix of reliable services and affordable price.

Instead of operating one account on a single computer, Cloud VPS Vietnam hosting shares a single server. This may again put you in a spot of bother wondering about the difference between a shared hosting and VPS.


Although, shared hosting promises unlimited bandwidth coupled with unlimited storage, there’s no surety in regards to the RAM, CPU power in most cases. Besides, there’re restrictions on installing CPU and memory intensive software or module.

On the contrary, VPS offer a minimum allocation of resources which are guaranteed 24 X 7. Service vendors often burst resources that come into picture in case of heavy load on the server. Each website gets a unique IP address although residing on a common server.

The other luring feature VPS Vietnam server solutions provide is high control to the clients in terms of app/software installation, scalability of resource and so on. You can just flip the digital “on and off” switch from the control panel whenever the server needs to be rebooted.

Again, gaining something by investing nothing is not feasible. So clients need to be wary of the unscrupulous touts offered in the market by many service vendors. Going for an established and well-known market player is a safe and wise choice.


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