What is reseller vietnam vps server?

December 19, 2016

Reseller Vietnam VPS server may rent a dedicated server or they may use a different type of reseller package for their business.

  1. The definition of reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is defined at a type of hosting with an account owner which can sell resources like storage and bandwidth to the third parties for a profit.

Typically, the resource is divided into many clusters and the account owner will keep one or two of the clusters for their work. They will sell the rest to others in the form of shared, VPS or dedicated hosting.


  1. Why should you buy a reseller hosting?

Sometimes reseller of Vietnam VPS hosting is the good choice and other times, it is not necessary. One of the biggest benefits of using reseller hosting is the ability to offset our own hosting fee. If you buy a reseller package and use a part for your own blogs and websites, you can sell the rest to reduce the total cost. This will give you free hosting for your own work.

Of course, the main reason that someone would decide to buy reseller hosting is to make more profit. This is the easy way to start your hosting company without the high overhead of housing and buying your own servers. Most of the hosting companies which offer reseller hosting will allow you to upgrade as you sell your resource, which makes your business more scalable.


  1. Benefits of becoming a reseller hosting

Becoming a reseller hosting goes with many advantages including:

  • Get the opportunity to make an additional income.
  • Gives you the ability to create hosting with other products, such as web design hosting or VPS in Vietnam hosting for SEO.
  • Would be branded to your own company name.
  • Builds loyalty and trust with your customer and partner.
  • Start your business with a small investment, often just a little bit more than paying for your own shared hosting service.
  • Become the one in control of the hosting and the features implemented on each hosting.

Reseller hosting goes along with many advantages and you will be allow to control how the hosting would be used. With the capability to make more profit or at least offset your own hosting costs, you can build your business with this type of hosting.