Why is cloud VPS better than traditional Vietnam VPS?

September 28, 2017

Both 2 models make use of virtual environments, but there’re some advantages which cloud VPS offer in comparison to traditional Vietnam VPS

– With cloud hosting, you can get unlimited flexibility in resources. You can avail of resources upgrades on the fly. On many occasions, these upgrades do not even need a server reboot. Clouds also provide centralized redundant storage. So, whenever your website begins to get high volumes of incoming traffic, you can upgrade to higher specifications seamlessly. You need not move to another new server. You can add the resources as and when you need them.

– In traditional VPS, the server gets hosted on one hypervisor but in a cloud environment, this server may be hosted on any hypervisor in the cloud. This is possible as data has been hosted on a SAN or a centralized storage system. This means that even if any hypervisor malfunctions in the cloud, there are other standby hypervisors which can take over your server workload. This benefit is what is driving more and more businesses to adopt cloud computing technologies.

– In cloud VPS hosting, clients not only enjoy benefits of traditional VPS solutions but also solutions to overcome the drawbacks of traditional VPS servers. If there is a power outage, there are traditional backup electrical generators for providing power supplies. When you sign up for cloud VPS hosting, you can reduce chances of this from happening and minimize failures. Cloud hosting is designed as a fail-safe solution that suggests that even if a single node fails, the virtual servers will shift to another active node. This ensures that there is no single point of failure and you do not experience downtimes.

– Cloud VPS is backed by redundant centralized storage and this SAN system lets you enjoy better control over data. You can get high-speed network and you do not have to maintain various disks. You can benefit from the file-sharing feature which lets you access data from any place in the world. SAN is scalable and you are free to add resources any time there is a need for it.

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– Unlike in traditional VPS where you need to upgrade the hosting plans to handle increased workloads, in cloud VPS, this is not required. Even if there are traffic spikes, the queries and SSL requests are distributed such that every resource can guarantee better performance. There are pre-defined templates which not only make your site appear professional but let you get new servers instantly. You can even set these up automatically through single-click installations.

– Depending on the size of your business you are free to customize the VPS plans. So, with cloud VPS hosting you can increase resources when demands spike. Resources can be scaled up or down instantly. Whether you need more RAM or CPU, you can get it without delays. Server deployment is fast and it is possible to get a cloud server running within half a minute.

– Finally, with cloud VPS hosting, you only pay for what you use and nothing extra. But, in traditional VPS hosting, you have to pay the fixed monthly fees regardless of whether you use the resources or not.

– Cloud servers are spread all across the world and you can get them through any mobile or computer which is connected to the Internet. But, traditional virtual servers are available only in specifically planned destinations. So, you must choose a server with care so that it does not affect the site loading speed.

– Finally, with cloud hosting you can enjoy all advanced technologies. You can integrate and customize software to suit your needs. Such freedom of customization is not possible with traditional VPS hosting.


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